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Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) is a a highly structured two days EmOC training session developed by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Over the last 15 years ALSO has been taught to more than 75.000 health providers in USA, Europe and a number of developing countries.

Course Content

The course focuses on hands-on and teamwork based training using mannequins in simulated situations of obstetric emergencies. A few lectures are given on the most important EmOC topics. The ALSO manual provides extensive, up-to-date evidence based information on all aspects of EmOC. The course is evaluated by a practical “mega-delivery” examination and a written multiple choice questionnaire.

In Africa there are ALSO organizations with well established programs in Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nigeria and Sudan. Courses are being planned in Uganda, Zambia and Ethiopia.

The ALSO course has both required and optional lectures and workstations.

ALSO prioritizes hands-on practice in workstations. Lectures are kept at a minimum.

The Required workstations are:
Post Partum Haemorrhage
Intra-Partum Fetal Surveillance
Shoulder Dystocia
Assisted Delivery
Obstetric Case discussions

Optional Workstations are:
Perineal repair
Caesarean delivery
Diagnostic Ultrasound
Neonatal Resuscitation
Post abortion care
Birth Crisis and Maternal resuscitation.

When ALSO is introduced to new countries, adjustments are made accordng to national guidelines, health system resources and the most prevalent and important maternal health issues. In Malawi the electronic fetal monitoring workshop was replaced by a workshop on partogram and structured intermittent fetal heart auscultation. In Tanzania, patient referrals


 By Bjarke Lund Sørensen


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